Structural Engineering

The M&S Structural Engineering Department provides a wide variety of engineering and design services. They have extensive capabilities in both the rehabilitation of existing structures and the design and construction of new structures.

The M&S Team has the experience and expertise to provide all of the essential structural engineering services required to support the transportation industry.
These services include the inspection, analysis, rehabilitation, and retrofitting of existing bridges and culverts as well as the design of new bridges and culverts. Additional expertise includes  a wide range of other structural services including the design of retaining walls, noise walls, and sign structures, as well as the design of temporary structures such as sheet pile walls, cofferdams, and temporary utility supports.

M&S also offers the structural evaluation and rehabilitation design on projects involving transit facilities and infrastructure, as well as structural analysis of monopoles, and electrical transmission poles.

M&S has the experience and knowledge to get the project completed without losing sight of the client’s budget and goals.



  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridge Design (Steel, Concrete, and Timber)
  • Precast and Cast in Place Culvert Inspection and Design
  • Structural Evaluation and Rehabilitation Design of Transit Facilities
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Sign Structure Design
  • Noise Wall Design
  • Load Rating Analysis of Bridges
  • Excavation Support Structure Design
  • Utility Transmission Line Support Structure Design