Traffic Engineering

M&S provides a full range of traffic engineering services both as part of design improvement projects and planning studies including large interchange, roadway widening, transit improvements, signal optimization, and intersection improvement projects.
These projects included the development and analysis of improvement alternatives to determine ways to best satisfy current and future traffic demands.

With an understanding of the importance of developing context sensitive designs and striving to provide viable solutions to traffic problems while mitigating environmental impacts, right of way impacts, and minimizing cost, M&S brings real world experience into concept development.

M&S also manages and conducts traffic data collection programs. These programs include traffic counting utilizing both manual and automated techniques, various origin/destination studies, physical inventory of geometric features, field observations of existing traffic patterns and driver tendencies, and accident data collection/crash analysis.



  • Traffic Data Collection – Manual and Automatic Counts
  • Origin/Destination Surveys
  • Traffic Projections
  • Operational Analysis
  • Crash Diagrams and Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Speed/Delay Studies and Queuing Analysis
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • NJDOT Access Report/Permit
  • Traffic Signal Warrants Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Professional Testimony