Traffic Engineering

M&S offers a full range of traffic engineering services, including traffic improvement and planning. We understand the importance of context-sensitive designs and strive to provide our full services with minimal cost and environmental impact. Our engineers also consider both current and future traffic demands.

In addition to planning and improvement services, M&S conducts traffic data collection programs. These programs include both manual and automated traffic counting, origin/destination studies, accident and crash analysis, and more



  • Traffic Data Collection – Manual and Automatic Counts
  • Origin/Destination Surveys
  • Traffic Projections
  • Operational Analysis
  • Crash Diagrams and Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Speed/Delay Studies and Queuing Analysis
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • NJDOT Access Report/Permit
  • Traffic Signal Warrants Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Professional Testimony
  • ITS and Highway Lighting Design